New Shetland Heritage Shades

From one launch on Friday to now another on Monday, its been an exciting weekend at J&S. The long-anticipated new Shetland Heritage shades have finally arrived and we are delighted to now be able to release them for you to begin creating beautiful knits with.

New Shades

These new shades have been created using feedback from our customers with the most requested colours being developed to blend with the original 6 shades. Coll Black and Snaa White provide the classic black and white combination, perfect for Sanquhar Gloves, and are much needed shades for colourwork or for creating simple, yet beautiful, white or black garments. Shetland Heritage also knits up well in lace if you want to experiment with thicker lace garments. Mussel Blue provides the much-requested dark-blue, and Moss Green gives a lovely, warm green that blends in beautfully with the other shades. Finally Silver Grey adds a nice neutral shade…

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